Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Queens Birthday Weekend!

Hi all,
Hope you are having a happy Friday and yay for a long weekend! It might be nippy outside but it is PERFECT weather for scrapbooking and creating so if you find yourself looking for that just right combination of papers or the finishing touch embellishment you will be pleased to know we are OPEN Queens Birthday Monday 9am - 9pm.

Queen's Birthday weekend store hours:
Friday 30th May Open 9am - 9pm
Saturday 31st May Open 9am - 9pm
Sunday 1st June Closed
Monday 2nd June Open 9am - 9pm

We have lots of new product and restock items coming in everyday and this weeks highlights include the much anticipated Fiskars Fingertip knife.

This ingenious tool has been getting positive reviews on its ease of use and accuracy. At just $11.95 it's great value too!

Our latest KAISERclub kit is also available now. This is a featured project from the current KAISERworkshop Magazine using the Bohemian range of papers and a wood album. It would a great gift or special occasion coffee table album. Each kit contains complete materials including album, paint, papers, three packs of rub ons, flowers, fibers, book rings and the KAISERWorkshop magazine which contains pictured instructions. Usual materials price is $64.60. Club member price is $55.95. - and if your not already a KAISERclub member, purchase of this kit grants you instant membership!

Speaking of Kits, our May Kit of the Month has just shipped and we do have a few extras available for purchase. Our Kit of the Month subscription service is a perfect way to recieve the latest NZ Scrapbook products and projects in your mailbox every month!

Subscription is easy, we charge your credit card $49.95 + $5.00 delivery and a couple of days later a courier brings you over $60 worth of the coolest scrapbooking and papercraft goodies! Phone 09 912 0665 or email us for more details.

This weekend's workshop:
If you are looking for inspiration or to learn some creative scrapbooking techniques, Jo's very fun Fresh Techniques Class is on Saturday at 11am. She will be sharing how to use one of my personal favs - Texture Paste! This is such a fun medium and as you can see by her beautiful page it is one that brings stunning results. Hard to believe looking at this but it's pretty easy too!

Jo's Fresh Technique Class, this Saturday 31st May at 11am. $30 including materials. Phone to book your place: 09 912 0665

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe and we will look forward to seeing you soon :)
Bye for now
Kathleen, Linda and the Team at NZ Scrapbook

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inspired by work spaces!

Hi All,
Hope you are having a fabulous week! This week I have been getting a lot of enjoyment out of Cloth Paper Scissors's special issue - Studios. I admit to being a bit of a magazine junkie however in recent months (ok many months!) much of them have had barely more than a flick through. Not this magazine though - I have POURED through it TWICE (this is saying alot) and am know I'm not finished with it yet. There is something truly fascinating exploring another persons creative space and this issue is FULL of workroom eye candy.

The featured studios show all sorts of different kinds of artists and crafters, they ALL exude personality and make you want to look closer and see the yummy things. Anyways if your looking for inspiration for your own space... recommended reading! $15.95 In store now.


Kaiser Craft Clock

Hi there, Sarah here from the Design team. I was lucky enough to get one of the gorgeous Kaiser Craft clocks to decorate this month. I chose a 'family' theme and selected candid photos of my children arranged so that they appeared to be looking 'into' the clock. I converted the photos to black and white and added a slight blue tint in photoshop before printing them at 6 by 6 cm size.
I painted the clock with 'turquoise' Kaiser paint and lined the back with co-ordinating blue spotted Kaiser paper. I arranged my photos and decorated the remaining frames with contrasting patterned paper or flowers. I added a quote decorated with Kaiser rub-ons. Finally I added my title "family time" and the clock numbers using gold American Craft "Thickers".
These clocks are so easy to make and you can totally change the look according to what papers and embellishments you choose to match any decor. It would also be a fun project to do with your children. My ballet-crazy 11 year old daughter is saving her pocket money to buy one to decorate with a 'dance' theme for her room.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Interview with a.... Shop.gurl - Ann McLachlan!

Hi All,
Welcome to our first Interview With blog post! I've been excited about introducing you to some many of the different people whom we come into contact with here at NZ Scrapbook. From our teachers and designers to brand managers and manufacturers - this journey over the next weeks and months is going to be fun!

To start off I thought it would be a idea to start with one of our full time staff members. So here goes!

Interview With a...Shop.gurl - Ann McLachlan!

Ann, what first introduced you to scrapbooking and how long have you been scrapbooking for? I first attended a Creative Memories evening at a local church. I've always been creative, I've cross stitched, done ribbon embroidery and cardmaking. I've been scrapbooking for six years.

What was your first ever layout and tell us about what project is currently on your work table? My first layout was on my son Joshua. Currently I'm working on a layout on how my daughter doesnt like the colour pink. I'm using Chatterbox papers in blues and browns, copper rub-on flowers by We Are Memory Keepers and Noteworthy chipboard, Prima flowers and Kaiser rhinestones... I'm sure there will be beads in there somewhere cos I just can't help myself!

What draws you to scrapbooking? The creative freedom it offers. Creating layouts that my kids really get a kick out of.

Your pages are very full of love, where do you find your inspiration Ann? Not sure, most of it is spontaneous. I sit down and do what comes. A lot of my inspiration comes from my children, that and their sometimes goofy photos!

How would you describe your style? Structured, framed layouts. Lots of layers and I LOVE beads. Totally a bead addict and Basic Grey addict. I will always reach for Basic Grey first.

What do you find most challenging when you're creating? Structuring the layout. It can be quite hard to start but then it all just clicks into place. I'm quite finicky about placement. Finishing touches are important to me which is probably why I love beading so much. I would like to develop a more freestyle style, I find it challenging to leave a lot of white space.

What piece of advice would you give to beginning scrapbookers? Keep it simple and focus on the photos.

We love having you as part of the New Zealand Scrapbook family, how did you come to be a full time shop.gurl? I've been a long time customer, back when it was the small shop in Paul Matthews Road. I used to look forward to coming in and seeing Paula and Joanne, so getting to work with them is great!

What do you most enjoy about being a New Zealand Scrapbook Shop.gurl? Getting to work with all the staff is fun, we have a lot of laughs. I also love helping customers with suggestions for their projects. I also enjoy creating shop displays and finding that I have some flair for it!

Congratulations Ann on also becoming part of our NZ Scrapbook Design Team! What do you hope to bring to the team? I think a different style to the other members which compliments the work they do.

What does your current scrapbook hobby look like? Busy. I participate in a scrapbook challenge group, I'm a Fiskars Demonstrator, of course a NZ Scrapbook Shop.gurl and NZ Scrapbook Design Team member. You can find my layouts on a few internet websites including the Basic Grey Gallery. Its my personal goal to have 6 layouts up there by the end of the year. So far I'm at 4. I've been published in both Australian and New Zealand scrapbooking magazines and am very proud of my recent published layout in Up2Scrap Magazine. My scrapbooking hobby is more an obsession - and it's cheaper than therapy!

How would you like to see the current trends in scrapbooking develop? I don't really follow trends. As long as there is a style that appeals to me and Basic Grey keep releasing new ranges I'm happy!

Ok some random questions...
Stuck on a desert island with five things what would they be? Besides my family? - A scrapbooking tote and supplies, laptop with internet connection, a good book and a bottle of Pinot Gris.

Favourite TV Show? Amazing Race and Survivor , a bit of a reality tv junkie!

If you could have lunch with anybody past, future or present who would it be? Henry the 8th. I am completely fascinated with him, his life and all his wives!

Breakfast this morning? Uncle Toby's Oats and banana. Quick and keeps me going!

Five facts about Ann:
  • I can't swim
  • When I was two I was blind for three days
  • I'm happiest when I'm on a plane - I think it's my gypsy heritage!
  • When I was a child I wanted to be a librarian
  • My favourite animal is the tiger. For my birthday my husband treated me to a trip to the Zion Wildlife Gardens and spent 1/2 hour with a tiger cub. It was an amazing experience.
What do you want others to know about Ann?
I just want to be known as a nice person who is respectful and helpful to others.

Well Ann, there is no doubt about that :) Thank you for being part of the New Zealand Scrapbook family and being the subject of our first Interview With entry!

Thanks all for reading and be sure to say hi to Ann next time you're in store!

A couple of lovely projects Ann has currently on display in store using the latest Disney Cricut Cartridges.

~ Kathleen

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Product Preview: Masterpiece Studios & Jessie James Buttons “Theme-tastic Fun!” REPORT

Hi folks! Time for another Product Preview Report!

I hope your enjoying watching what we get up to here at NZ Scrapbook. There has been alot happening and even if you can't make it to our events, following along at home makes me feel like you're part of the fun.

Monday night was Product Preview: Masterpiece Studios & Jessie James Buttons “Theme-tastic Fun!” I knows I'm a little obsessed about formating our titles for the Product Previews the same way every time... don't worry the shop.gurls (heh I'm obsessed about calling them that too) tease me about it too. It is a mouthful! The photos really tell it all... we had a blast and everyone left with finished projects and an arm load of goodies - yay for a fun night!

Our Jessie James Button display

So to recap on our theme for the evening... well the theme was themes! Masterpiece Studios and Jessie James Buttons were a great inspiration for our dress up choices.

Paula chose Soccer Girl theme from the Masterpiece Studios Paper and Jessie James Buttons:

Wendy chose At the Hop from Jessie James Buttons:

Mum chose Under the Sea from Jessie James Buttons:

And I chose Tool Time from Jessie James Buttons:

All up we spell a little bit of crazy!

Some of our lovely participants also got into the theme-tastic spirit including...

an Angelic Ann (Happy Birthday Ann!)

Is that Grey's Anatomy music I can hear in the background? Looking awesome Elizabeth & Helen.

Tracy's a bigtime Jessie James fan. Check out these cool mini quilts she attached to her jacket for the evening:

We gave away three New Zealand Scrapbook gift vouchers to dressed up participants

Congrats to:

Donna Herbert looking snazzy in white

Wilma ready to jump on a Broadway stage

and Helen and Elizabeth who kept offering to operate on my 'squashed' finger!

Anyways, enough with the dilly dalliying! hey, that means you Mum & Dad downstairs...!

On with the evening!

We checked out the great product. These papers I'm holding are stunning glitter papers from Masterpiece Studios.

Looking less-than fragile with my body guard behind me!

First project for the night - This wedding layout using the beautiful foiled papers by Masterpiece Studios, Bazzill bling cardstock, shimmer papers and Peelcraft Stickers.

Second project was a Meandering Mini-book. The inner pages kinda spiral open - super cute.

This book features Masterpiece Studios paper from which we cut the paisleys which we then embellished with micro-beads.

Starting on the meandering book.

Every participant gets a kit, photo and instructions. This means whatever your level everyone knows exactly where they are up too.

Using the micro beads was good fun. For many of our participants this was their first time trying this product. We love introducing something new to you!

Speaking of new - Wendy shares a very clever book binders technique for dividing up your page.

Time for door prizes!

Congrats to Amanda and Toni who won Jessie James Buttons

and Nerys and Marie who won Masterpiece Studios paper assortment.

With our evening coming to an end, my Mum shares her weakness for Marshmellow

and we check out our Take Home Project...

Yes, Product Preview: Masterpiece Studios & Jessie James Buttons “Theme-tastic Fun!” was a good lot of laughs... and has our friendly security firm who checks on us during the night further scratching their heads about what exactly we do here at NZ Scrapbook!

Until next time, byes for now!


hehehee... so my brother lent me the vest, helmet and also his fancy tool belt (not worn - opted for Dads old one). Lets just say, he's in for a wee floral surprise next time he's on the work site and reaches for his tools. All his tool and vest pockets are full of silk flower rose petals (heheheh!)... cos you know thats just the kind of sister I am ;)